App Ecosystem Fundamentals

Learn how to unlock the power of the Intuit, Xero & MYOB apps & add-ons

Apps, Add-ons and You

  • Are you a bookkeeper or accountant with clients using Intuit, MYOB or Xero?
  • Do you wonder how Apps and Add-ons can help generate revenue for you?
  • Do you struggle to find the right apps or add-ons for your clients?
  • Do you want to have a formula for working with apps and add-ons in your business?
  • Are you willing to spend just 30 minutes to get started on this pathway to success?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this online course is for you!

8 focused lessons

Created as 8 days, you can consume the lessons in a way that suits you. Each day covers just one core topic, broken down into bite size chunks, making it easy to consume and apply.

Each lesson is aligned with tasks that help reinforce and apply the learning, along with a fun quiz to keep you on your toes.

For an in-depth view of everything included scroll to the bottom of the page.

What others are saying

This course helped Brilliant Admin Solutions make informed decisions and saved hours of research time. Knowing the fundamentals of the App ecosystem has increased the efficiencies in my business and increase our bottom line.  
Kerrie Jarius | Brilliant Admin Solutions
I hear comments from so many bookkeepers who get stuck in this area of apps & add-ons.
Keran has a wealth of experience and after completing this course let’s just say
do yourself a favour, just do it
Leanne Berry | Love your numbers
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Keran McKenzie

Keran is passionate about unlocking the power of technology in business. Keran has over 20 years of experience developing, teaching and coaching in technology & business.

Keran led the expansion of the app & add-on ecosystem in Australia through his leadership role at MYOB Australia. Supporting 10's of thousands of ecosystem developers as they integrated to MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks Online

Keran has coached hundreds of App & Add-On developers along with thousands of Bookkeepers and Accountants and now he's sharing this knowledge with you

What's included?

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What is included?

What is the App Ecosystem?
Lesson 1 | Introduction
2 mins
What is the App & Add-on Ecosystem?
3 mins
Why is the cloud accounting ecosystem important?
5 mins
Demo time | Connecting an app
6 mins
What the app ecosystem is not!
4 mins
Understanding your clients
6 mins
Task 1 | Focusing on your business
1.01 MB
Task 2 | Focusing on your clients
899 KB
Lesson 1 | Challenge Quiz
Discover apps that work with MYOB, Xero or Intuit?
Lesson 2 | Introduction
2 mins
Your business, your clients
6 mins
Exploring the App Marketplaces
12 mins
Understanding the Terms & Definitions
7 mins
Tools for exploring apps
3 mins
Lesson 2 | Tasks
4 mins
Task 1 | Small Cafe
908 KB
Task 2 | Growing Retail Store
922 KB
Lesson 2 | Challenge Quiz
Creating a short list of apps
Lesson 3 | Introduction
7 mins
Creating your list of potential apps
9 mins
Reviewing Apps
9 mins
7 Questions to ask any app provider
9 mins
Understanding the app support
5 mins
Lesson 3 | Task 1
44.5 KB
Lesson 3 | Task 2
1.33 MB
Lesson 3 | Challenge Quiz
Implementing an app - how to guide
Lesson 4 | Introduction
3 mins
Having the conversation
6 mins
Who pays?
8 mins
What about implementation?
6 mins
Regular scheduled reviews
7 mins
Lesson 4 | Task
826 KB
Lesson 4 | Challenge Quiz
What happens when it goes a bit wrong?
Lesson 5 | Introduction
3 mins
Identifying the issue
6 mins
Who should be involved?
8 mins
Writing a clear bug/issue report
7 mins
Communicating to the client
4 mins
Lesson 5 | Task
842 KB
Lesson 5 | Challenge Quiz
Deep Dive: Apps for debtors, reports & expenses
Lesson 6 | Introduction
4 mins
General business apps
3 mins
Cashflow & Debtors
13 mins
Expenses & Paper
11 mins
Reports & Insights
10 mins
Lesson 6 | Task
2 mins
Lesson 6 | Challenge Quiz
Becoming a SUPERHERO
Lesson 7 | Introduction
2 mins
Why do YOU want apps in your business?
4 mins
Becoming a SUPERHERO
5 mins
Advisory - you are the right person
4 mins
Grow your business with apps
7 mins
Lesson 7 | Task
3 mins
Lesson 7: Quiz
Keeping on top
Lesson 8 | Introduction
3 mins
6 mins
Stopping the use of an app
5 mins
Expanding your app toolkit over time
5 mins
Events, exhibitions and the community
5 mins
Wrapping it all up | The End
2 mins


Do I have to do all 8 lessons over 8 consecutive days?

No, the course is designed for you to learn at your own pace. If you want to do it over 8 weeks or 8 months - it's up to you.

Do you cover the Xero & Intuit ecosystems as well as MYOB?

Yes! This course is designed to be cloud accounting platform agnostic. Lessons touch on various platforms as required.

Does this course qualify for Continuing Professional Development points?

Yes, this course can count towards some industry. Many of these points are self-governed and components of this course may qualify for points in your area. 

Please check with your industry body if you have any questions regarding CPD or CPE points.

How long do I have to view the course material once I sign up?

As long as you need. The course material will be available on the platform indefinitely allowing you to come back and revisit lessons as you need, keeping your knowledge fresh!

I would like to purchase this course for my team, is this possible?

Yes! This can be facilitated for you with a group discount available for 10 or more seats. Contact Keran via

I have a question, can I contact you?

Yes, please contact Keran via